Garden Homepage

Pictures of my Greens.

Overview of the greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse.

This is in the summer. I can roll up a heavy tarp at the back of the greenhouse to vent the heat. There is black mesh fabric that still keeps the birds out. I also have a homemade control system using a Raspberry Pi. The system sends the temperature, humidity, and system status to the house. I control the system from a webpage on my laptop. The system uses two 300 gallon tanks that I got from the recycling center for $70! I use a submercible pump to pump the water to the irrigation system. The whole system, including the LED lights and vent fans run off a solar/battery system. So the whole system is independant of power and water. The water is pumped from more tanks that are filled with rainwater from the roof of the house!

Greenhouse Deck

A shot looking West.

West Deck of the House

Here are the front beds.

Here is the front.

Winter Garden

Yummy Asparagus!

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